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Allen Winder

Allen’s Bio Video

Back in the day with Meadowlark Lemon and Wilt Chamberlain

HBO Interview with Allen

College and Pro Basketball Career:

Allen grew up in Arlington, Texas and was the Texas Player of the Year and an Academic and Basketball All American. He played college hoops at the University of Houston, where he became the first freshman in U of H history to start for the varsity team, and was named to the All South West Conference Team.

He was later recruited by Meadowlark Lemon to become the first white player to play comedian basketball along side Meadowlark Lemon and Wilt Chamberlain on Meadowlark Lemon’s Bucketeers. This record still stands today. During his unique tenure with the Bucketeers, , Bruce Jenner (Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E!) deemed him the “Blue Eyed Soul Brother” in a NBC Sports World interview.

Also during this time, Allen appeared on a number of talk shows including The Tonight Show, Letterman and Good Morning America. He also made appearances on Sports World and several variety shows and specials on HBO and NBC with Meadowlark Lemon, Wilt Chamberlain, David Letterman, Steve Allen, Jose Feliciano, Gallagher, Sid Caesar and Sarah Purcell to name a few.

Business/Corporate Career:

Allen has worked in the Information Technology industry since the mid eighties in all technical disciplines, and has provided business consulting to many government entities and several of the Fortune 500. He has served on the senior executive teams for several very large organizations including J.D. Edwards and Hyperion Solutions; both now part of the Oracle Corporation.

During this time he has crafted automated techniques and methodology critical to workflow enhancement, Business Process Improvement (BPI), and Best Practices Modeling employed in public and private organizations of all sizes and in all industries to this day.

Allen has composed numerous published papers, articles, and curriculum addressing Workflow, Best Practices, Financial Administration, Software Selection, Purchasing, Automated Billing and Collection Management, as well as General Office Administration. He has been a certified instructor for several associations and institutions, and has instructed numerous seminars and symposiums for state and local, as well as national and international associations in several aspects of office automation, statistical modeling, process re-engineering, mergers and acquisitions, management and C-level training, and collaborative commerce over the Internet.

What Allen considers his two greatest business accomplishments involve two internal and external corporate mergers.  The first, assisting J.D. Edwards into the services industries, growing them into a billion dollar corporation. And the second, assisting in the merger of two Silicon Valley corporate cultures into another very successful corporation. Taking a lead role in both cases for worldwide integration, Allen held hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions of dollars in his direct P&L.

For these accomplishments and many others his name now appears in the National Register’s Who’s Who of Executive Leadership in Washington, D.C.

Adub Studios Charitible Endeavors:

Today Allen focuses primarily on Video Production and Adub Studios charitable endeavors.  Adub Studios charitable endeavors are partially funded through photo restoration and the production of Wedding Videos, Lifetime Videos, Elder’s Birthday Videos, Recruitment Videos and other types of videography.  He also incorporates High School athlete recruitment coaching and Life Enrichment Presentations into the mix.  Allen has many years of experience in photography, videography and digital art. His photography has been featured in “Endless Journeys” currently in the Library of Congress.  Allen’s unique style has blended photography, videoagraphy and digital art to produce lasting memories for business and sports teams - as well as families nation-wide.

Allen also spends much of his time delivering “Life Enrichment” and “History Trivia” presentations to Business Team Meetings, Civic Organizations, Community Functions, Schools, Elderly Care Communities and the Mentally Challenged among many others.  Allen is very knowledgable and entertaining in his presentations as he promotes “Thinking and Interaction” from the audience in every presentation.

World Travel:

Allen has served on senior executive management teams for several large international corporations. This has afforded him the opportunity to learn and study many cultures around the globe. He has traveled and studied in most major countries - expanding his general business, advertising, marketing, management, corporate culture, finance, multi-language and multi-currency expertise. A few of the countries include Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, England, Mexico, Italy, France, Canada, Japan, Korea, Greece, Brazil, Germany, Nevis, Bahamas, British Columbia, Jamaica, China, Vensuala, South Africa, Ireland, Peru, Sweden, Panama and the Americas including their protectorates Porto Rico and Guam.

During the ensuing months after 9/11/2001, Allen was on a team that worked with corporate and government entities in the Middle East just days after the bombing of the World Trade Center. His travels brought him to Beirut, Cairo, Istanbul and other predominantly Muslim countries and communities; working with the royal families of the Saha and Koch families respectively.

Favorite “Winder-isms”:

  • Speak to that which is not, as though it were, and it will be
  • Plan your work and work your plan
  • If you don’t think you have time to plan, what makes you think you have the time to do it over
  • Happy cows give better milk
  • Do the right job right - the first time
  • The enemy of “great” is “good

Kayla Winder

Kayla is a student of the Sciences, holding a B.S. in Psychology.  She has dedicated most of her career to health care and has recently completed her RN degree with highest honors.  She looks forward to pursuing her passion of helping others through a career in Nursing.

She is an award winning singer, performer and gymnast; as well as a writer and a freehand artist.

Kayla has worked on both sides of the camera for over 10 years.  First as a model, then as a photographer and videographer.  She has shot everything from weddings to fashion to sports - both on location and in the studio.